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Dark Poetry
Lost love
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The Dark Side

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Yellow Rose
Mood:  mischievious
Topic: Dark Poetry

Yellow Rose©
By: William Phenn

Just a simple yellow rose,
I gave to her today.
A puny little yellow rose,
Said all I had to say.

She took it with a pretty smile,
Said, “Thank you” soft and sweet.
And then with such a graceful toss,
She threw it in the street.

My heart sank to the bottom,
Of the pit I just came from.
To think that she would do that,
She must think I’m a bum.

I walked away so quickly,
Not bothered to look back.
She turned to go the other way,
To her side of the track.

That’s when I heard the blasting,
Of air horns on the train.
The blood just splattered everywhere,
It hit the tracks like rain.

I turned and for a moment,
Stared at the gruesome scene.
Reached down and picked the rose up,
It still was quite pristine.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 5:12 AM
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Unconditional Love
Mood:  sad
Topic: Lost love
Unconditional Love©
By: William Phenn

I say that I love you,
Is that so hard to understand.
I say that I love you,
Reach out for your hand.

As much as I love you,
I can not deny.
The feeling is not mutual,
And I ask myself, “Why”?

You are so loving,
In emails and such.
A joy in my life,
That I love way too much.

The feelings I have,
What it is about you.
I keep asking myself,
“Now what do I do”?

My love Is conditional,
To that I’ll not lie.
I need you to love me,
Or else just say, “Good bye”.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 5:03 AM
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Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Lambs Blood
Mood:  down
Topic: Dark Poetry
Lambs Blood©
By: William Phenn

Lambs blood will not protect you,
When the evil cloaks the earth.
It will seek out and find you,
No matter where you berth.

You can not run away from it,
It covers near and far.
And you shall suffer greatly,
For being what you are.

You think your faith is strong enough,
To combat such a threat?
Well wait and see what happens,
It hasn’t started yet.

You think the weather’s changing,
The storms they are the worst.
You haven’t seen a damn thing yet,
Just wait you know we’re cursed.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 7:00 PM
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I Am Cursed
Mood:  sad
Topic: Dark Poetry
I Am Cursed©
By: William Phenn

Why is it I can write so well,
These lines from deep within my Hell?
Is there no better life for me,
Than in this hole of misery?

Oh how I long to see the light,
But there is no chance of that tonight.
These demons keep me from my flight,
I think maybe this evil’s right?

It shows me comfort and no pain,
It soothes the worthless missing gain.
It takes me on a ride of death,
And hopes to take away my breath.

And I will let it because you see,
It has a purpose set for me.
I’ll hang with evil on the tree,
Till I find out what that will be.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 6:50 PM
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Heathen’s Creed
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Dark Poetry
Heathen’s Creed©
By: William Phenn

Look to the darkness,
For where your future lies.
Embrace it for its comfort,
And use it to disguise.

Put on a face of happiness,
Of love and peace for all.
For only you will know the truth,
This phony front will fall.

So many years of fallacies,
So many hypocrites.
They all will see the Angel,
When he rises from the pits.

The sun will scorch the surface,
The oceans they will boil.
The fires will burn their bodies,
But their souls will be His spoil.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 6:18 PM
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Dance of The Forsaken
Mood:  crushed out
Topic: Dark Poetry
Dance of The Forsaken©
By: William Phenn

Allow me to tell you,
Of a soul once free
A soul that had no worries,
Of his fate that was to be.

The music played so nicely,
For so many years of life.
He had the best of everything,
No worries and no strife.

But then his God Almighty,
Did him a nasty turn.
He gave him to the Devil,
Sent him to hell to burn.

Ole Lucifer did welcome him,
As just a kindred soul.
He didn’t know the prize he held,
Within this deep dark hole.

For this was no mere mortal,
This mass of blood and flesh.
This was a learned scholar,
Who with others could not mesh.

So he confronted Satan,
And spoke to him quite well.
You are the fallen Angel,
Why do you call it Hell?

This isn’t such a bad place,
It’s comforts I can see.
There are so many outcasts,
From that sick society.

But why are they called outcasts,
Because they won’t conform?
So here sit all the rejects,
But here that is the norm.

Down here a band of brothers,
We all dance to the tune.
Forsaken by the wholesome,
Who think they’re so immune.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 6:14 PM
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Mood:  don't ask
Topic: Dark Poetry

By: William Phenn

It is comforting and soothing,
The darkness I have found.
It shields me from the outside,
No light will come around.

I so prefer the darkness,
To all the normal life.
But what you all call normal,
Brought misery and strife.

I know things of the darkness,
What creatures lurk within.
I know how to repel them,
And fight them off to win.

They also know my mindset,
It will not take too long.
For soon I will be one of them,
This is where I belong.

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 6:01 PM
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Satire of Love
Mood:  crushed out
Topic: Lost love
Satire of Love©
By: William Phenn

So very warm and comforting,
The love one has to share.
But not so warm and comforting,
When true love is not there.

With playful wisps of wisdom,
She beckons to her side.
To all within an earshot,
Come take the joyful ride.

You grab for something steady,
As the coach begins to fly.
Your mind so full of questions,
But your heart does not care why.

You ride the perfect fantasy,
To heaven’s gate you think.
But then you fall into the pit,
With just a wicked wink.

So all the time you’re falling,
While the wind is rushing by.
You ask the burning question,
Dear God in heaven, why?

Posted by poetry/wmphenn at 5:56 PM
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