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Hey folks Thanks for stopping by.
This is my dedication page to
the most famous living ICON,
The Queen of Pop, Madonna. She now
has had 12 number one songs
and 52 top 40 hits, 33 of which
went top 10.This has been accomplished
in only 17 years, WOW!!!!
The poem below has all of her
songs in it in order as they
were released and are the words in green.
Hope you enjoy.
This poem shows a lighter side of my work.
I'm not always so serious as in my previous poems.
"Music" enjoys it's 3rd.
week a top the Billboard
Hot 100.
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(Reuters) - Move over Britney. Madonna has reestablished her
claim as the queen of pop by taking her
new album to No. 1 in 23 countries, including
the United States, where "Music" ranks
as her first chart-topper
in 11 years.
Her Warner Bros. label said Wednesday
the album sold 419,600 copies across the
United States in the week ended Sept. 24, while the song's
title track logged its fourth consecutive week atop
Billboard magazine's Hot 100 singles chart.
Warner Bros. Records chairman
Russ Thyret said in a statement the
"Music" single has topped the charts in 25 countries,
which was "testimony to the universal appeal
of Madonna and her overwhelming creativity."

The Queen Of POP
Everybody come on get on board
Gonna let the the top down 'cause I'm Burning Up
Waiting on a Holiday to dance the night away
Standing on the Borderline
Watching the sky for my Lucky Star
Feeling new Like A Virgin when I'm in your arms

Some call me a Material Girl, but they don't know I'm Crazy for You
As you whisper you are my Angel
Getting Into The Groove and as I Dress You Up in handsome attire
Forever I pray we Live to Tell the world of our love
I listen to and ask Papa Don't Preach for in love we'll stay
My loves eyes and heart are True Blue for me

You would see if you would Open Your Heart and Mind
We're off to LaIsle Boneta to party the night away
Where they'll all ask Who's That Girl? , Causing A Commotion
My Name bright in the Spotlight
It's all Just Like A Prayer has been answered
I just want you to Express Yourself
The person I most Cherish

Oh Father let's try and Keep it Together
In our hearts and on the dance floor, Vogue, come on strike a pose
Tonight I wanna Hanky Panky and Justify My Love
And in my dreams he came to Rescue Me
In the place that Used To Be My Playground ,Erotica

A place in my soul Deeper and Deeper I search
For a Bad Girl some would cry
But I say Bye Bye Baby don't care much why

You left me standing in the Rain burning in Fever
I'll Remember the day you revealed your Secret
Now you can Take A Bow for your performance
So well acted, just a Bedtime Story for the world to tell
Some will laugh, some will cry for that is Human Nature

As I Dance the night away You'll See
That in my Dreams Love Don't Live Here Anymore
You'll come to know, You Must Love Me
When the DJ spins the tune Don't Cry for Me Argentina
Another Suitcase In The Hall awaits you , somewhere
My heart and stare become Frozen in pain
But soon my love like a Ray Of Light you'll see

The Power of Goodbye and that Nothing Really Matters but my love
The love you can't find in a Beautiful Stranger
Bye Bye Bye my American Pie, for tonight
I want to boogie woogie to the MUSIC
© poem by: Billy Lawson

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WildBill Peace Out
Your #1 Tennessee Fan
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