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How much time is enough time served?

What Joe has done

How much time, Is enought time served? When it's another man, To choose what your son deserves, When he let life deal him a horrible hand. Does it even matter, If everyday he is remorseful for what he did? Although when he did it, He was nothing more than a kid. He preaches to others, Not to turn out like he did. Trying to make them understand, The hard lessons he learned as that kid. Yes, it was wrong, To take another mans life, And everyday he pays for that, With all of life's sacrifices. He prays for forgiveness, Each and everyday, And he tries to put something back in life, For what he took on that bitter day. There will never be a day go by, That he will not feel, All the pain he caused that day, The pain he knows is real. He is not an evil person, It's just where a terrible decision won. And everyday for the rest of his life, He regrets what he has done. Maybe if you would look into his eyes, Then you would see, All the pain he knows he's caused, As I do when his eyes look back at me. You do not understand, The man that I know. Everyone makes mistakes, Look at your life and it will show. He is only human, And mistakes are something we all make. He just made a terrible one, And has paid a much higher stake. He has helped so many others, If only everyone could see, Then maybe they would understand, The man that he lost that day, The man that deserves to be free. So why not give that man, Another chance, to make things right. Instead of taking his freedom forever away, And let him see the light.