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The Mercy Buckets

The Wave Epiphany Perception Training document


'That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,

the eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that you may know what is the hope of His calling,'

Ephesians 2:15


I was a miner, dreadlocked gambler

I bear wirness, pure and pale

I seek forgiveness and deliverance

From this life where I have failed

I mined for wisdom

In the deep dark pit

Of my own living mind

I lit my way there

With a torch of marijuana

The light was bright but

The smoke blurred all detail

(chorus) What I found there,

I could not carry back

For it required two hands and

The torched demanded one

It was the Word of Life

The Body of the Living Christ

'Stop chasing after shadows, My son'

(chorus) So now I offer in sacrifice

My own unworthy life

Into the Hands, of Jesus Christ

For now, in the fullness of time

He has allowed me to learn

Fire consumes what it burns

And God's love is free

It cannot be earned

The Tale Threnody
We are lost - Jehovah's children

From the Isle of View

So we cry, cry, cry the tale threnody

And remember the truth

We used to drink the living hymnal

At the fountain of youth

Now we cry, cry, cry the tale threnody

And remember the truth

We were Adam, yes, and Eve

Before we had to leave

Before the Blood, before the flood

In Eden paradise descended from above

In your eyes I can see the reflection

Of the Maker's first intention

Before the flood and the deception

The Blood has washed you clean

And in your eyes I can see what was lost

So I cry, cry, cry the tale threnody

And remember the truth


Holy, holy, Lord of the universe

Hold me, hold me, Love of my life


Thank You Lover for the Light that I see

Thank You Lover for not forgetting me

Thank You Lover for the freedom You bring

Oh sweet Jesus Your just like having wings

Thank You Maker for Your life in my breath

Thank You Jesus for my life in Your death

Thank You Spirit for renewing my mind

Oh Lord use me in redeeming the time

I told my lover

I know this song

I heard it being sung

In the morning

Before the dawn

There was nobody

There was only I,I,I

And a voice like a thousand trumpets

Came ringing down from the rafters

And the melody was rhapsody

It carried me up in rapture, singing

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

I have been swimming

I am growing tired

My boat sank beneath me

Before I could reach

The mercy shore

And knowing that my time is ending

My chance, my voice, my life

All of it nought but sacrifice

I choose with my last breath to sing

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Well I was born of this here land

And I will do no work for evil

This lyric may sound midevil

But I AM a child of the Word of Life

Well I was born of this here land

And I have not forgotten

We've suffered an awful lot and

There's more to come I understand

Well I was born of this here land

And I have had enough of sorrow

So I will work now that tommorrow

The supply of Love meets the demand

By Grace I come to make this stand

For my Lord has fallen and arisen

I stand in the mercy of His decision

As a lover of the Son of Man

I AM enraptured by the sound

Of the Love tribe multiplying

By sharing and Testafying

We overcome by finding

Common ground

All the world trembles as they make their demands

The hebrew children of Israel

And the Muslim children of Ishmael

Sons by different mothers of Abraham

Israel, land of the Lord's son

Israel, Bullet in a loaded gun

Ishmael, the muslim's at the border

Israel, what's the military order?

Nation born of the Jewish Race

Reckoning with the Islamic faith

Over Jerusalem, city of peace

Blood is spilled

When the dust has cleared

Which'll have the stongest will

Ancient Palestine, land of many shrines

The Promised Patriarch's Heritage

Gift of the Holy Adonai

Both believe that there is but one God

And then fight with undying hate

Over the right to receive His love.

This link is the Wave Epiphany Perction Training Document