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Love Poems - Friends and Lovers

Platonic love is very much a part of any close friendship. But such a love doesn't always stay platonic. Sometimes it turns into passionate love. Crossing that line, between friendship and love, can be both beautiful and extremely difficult.

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Love Poems - Friends and Lovers Subcategories

Poems on Cyber Romance
A subcategory of Love Poems, this section presents poetry dealing with romance on the Internet. As the world changes, so too does the way we meet people and find love.
Love Poems For Two
A subcategory of Love Poems, this section includes poems of a more adult nature. These poems should not be read alone!
Poems About Teen Love
A subcategory of Love Poems, this category deals with the very real joys and pains of discovering love as a teen, often for the first time.
Poetry About Friends & Lovers *you are here
A subcategory of Love Poems, this category explores the fine line that exists between Friendship and Love. A line that is all too easily crossed…
Poems About Lost Romance
A subcategory of Sad Poems, this section presents poetry exploring the pain and devastation of losing love.
Title Author
My Gift To You Lonely Shadow
Friendship is a marvelous gift. But, sometimes, it's not the whole of what we have to offer.
Can We Still Be Friends? Kathleen Sheppard
From friendship to love - and then, in trepidation, back again.
The Mistake You Cannot Forget Ashlie
Friendship can lead not only to love, but also to lust. And that can be a mistake not easily rectified.
Company Tina K
If this section is about friendship turned to love, where do we put those poems about love turned to friendship? Or is there really a difference?
Coffee Lovers Aindréas Brennan
Sometimes friendship can softly turn to love - and no one has the courage to mention it.
Can You See It In My Eyes? Sandy Fioretti
People overcome their fear of rejection every day, finding the courage to say "I love you." But what about the very real fear of ruining a friendship?
Forgive Me John O.
Mistakes are easier to live with when we know we're not alone.
Compared To You Daisy
The path from friendship to love may sometimes take the shape of a song.
Forbidden Todd Fulton
Some gifts are given especially to be returned.
To My Best Friend? Shannbodan
To find love, you must first be willing to look for it.
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