The Darker Side!!!

Here in these next few poems you will be able to see how dark I can get inside of myself.
If you are of faint hearted or do not get into dark things then do not read these poems
because they are a part of who I am from time to time. Especially when I am depressed.


Raw like rage,
It rips through me.
Digging into my chest,
I rip out the pain.

Can this be the end,
Of all that I was,
Yelling out,
Looking for peace.

Deep and dar within my soul,
A place that will never be seen again,

It's a dark and empty hole,
Like it was when I began.
Copyright ©2003 By ; Dark Hearted Vixen

Darkness Comes
As darkness envelopes me,

I find peace within it's embrace.
Caressing me with it's love,
Myself I give up to it.

Pulling me down,
Into my empty grave.
I give up my fears,
As I face it and be brave.

It's icy hand touches my cheek,
Leaning into the release it holds.
Hearing it coach I give into defeat,
And let go to do as I'm told.

Cold hearted and uncaring,
That's where I belong.
Nothing is ever worth sharing,
That's why I must say so long.

Copyright ©2003 By ; Dark Hearted Vixen


Eternal Darkness

Reaching out  -
wrapping my arms around the pain,
I pull it to my breast -
giving up all that is me.

Silent tears fall -
Like rain into a pool of darkness,
Looking beneath the surface -
myself I give to eternal darkness.

Clawing - Tearing
Away the skin,
All that is left -
Is eternal emptiness.

Laying down -
my final card,
I give myself -
To the eternal darkness.

Copyright ©2003 By ; Dark Hearted Vixen

Leaving It All!!

Drawing an end to the madness,
Giving into my sadness,
Deep within my crumpled heart,
Is nothing but a dying spark.

I once held them so close it hurt,
Now my heart lays before me in the dirt,
All tattered and torn bleeding still,
My life's love lay within the spill.

Scratching down into the dirt,
I can not find where love even went,

Holding my breath,
I dive right in,
I find up close is only death,
Where all life's love ends.

Grabbing my hand,
It pulls me right threw,
Into it darkened land,
That for me is all new.

Deep within deaths arms,
I find I'm at peace,
Safe from lives harms,
I'm able to finally sleep!

Copyright ©2003 By ; Dark Hearted Vixen

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