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His girl kneels before Him in all her nakedness, her head held high her eyes cast down,
hands upon her slightly spread legs, palms face up for His close inspection. He reaches
down and grabs hold of His collar rapped around her neck to show the she belongs to Him
and Him only. Making sure that the lock is in place and the chain is locked to His collar,
He is pleased. Grabbing her chin He tells her, "Look at Me pet." Doing as her One
commands she looks into His light brownish hazel eyes. "Yes my One." Is all she says.
"My pet dance for Me and show Me what your body can do for Me." "Yes Sir." she

Rising to her feet she goes to the steel pole that is in the center of the room that she is locked
to by His chain. Giving it a good yank she looks back at Him with lustful eyes knowing that
what she is about to do is totally for Him alone and to bring pleasure to Him. Grabbing the
pole with her hands she lowers her head and listens for the soft lulling music within her
mind. As she begins to sway her hips in an seductive manner, rolling her head back she
feels her long dark brown tresses flow freely across her back. While holding onto the pole
she leans way back rubbing herself against the pole, feeling the cold of the steel excites her
even more, she pulls herself back up and turns toward Him. Throwing herself down to the
floor, grabbing hold of the chain that she is locked to she yanks against it, filling it run
hard through her hands, straining against it she lets out a cry, but not one of pain or anger,
but one of shear pleasure and loyalty. Moaning softly she runs the chain over her hard
nipples and then over her taunt belly. Feeling the cold against her flesh she becomes
aroused and begins running her hands over her body as she raises her hips.

Bring her hands down to her long lean legs she rakes her nails down both legs leaving a
trail of red behind. Looking at Him she can see the arousal in His eyes from the sight of her
struggling to be free as well as her acceptance of her total submission for Him alone, she
begins bucking and moving for His pleasure. Seeing the lust within His eyes she slowly
runs her hands down to what is His and sees that it excites Him even more. And all she
hears is His low growl deep in His throat, exciting her even more and causing her to turn
her body to Him so that He may see what she does with what she knows in her heart belongs
to Him. Letting her legs fall aside she runs her fingers over her clitoris ever so slowly in a
most per vocative manner. Looking into His eyes she sees they are locked to the spot where
her fingers now lay. With a sweetly seductive smile, she sits up and slowly begins to move
to her kneels in front of Him she turns so that her buttocks to Him, looking back over her
shoulder at Him she slaps herself on her hard firm bottom, then she reaches down further
and grabs both sides of her firm ass and her pussy and spreads them apart for Him to view
exactly how hot she is right now. Feeling her nails dig within her tender skin she lets out a
soft moan that He hears. He whispers hoarsely " Slip a finger in my love.", and with that
lust filled command she does as He wishes her to do slowly sliding her finger ever so deep
within her soft wet pussy, pulling it back out again she looks over her shoulder at Him
knowing that He does not want her to find her peek alone or at least just yet. Raising to her
knees she turns around to face Him she leans forward and offers Him a taste of her
pleasure for Him. The mixture of her sensual body movements and the sexual sent starts to
drive Him in sane and He growls even lower in His throat while He continues to watch her

Slowly and deliberately she pulls away from Him and wraps the long chain around her
body in a tight coil. Arching her hips she strains her woman hood against the coldness of
the steel that is against her flesh and digging into her flesh. Moaning she runs the chain
between her legs over and over again until it was covered with her juices of love and lust for
the One whom owns her heart, body, mind, and soul. Thinking of His hands guiding her
dance of seduction she began to moan more and more louder as her nipples become hard and
her scent filled the air around T/them.
He reaches out and grabs hold of her hair with His big strong hands, and pulls her to Him
unwrapping her from her coil of steel. About to unlocking the chain from His collar to
release her, she places a hand upon His and gently kisses the palm of it, then looking
within His loving soft brownish hazel eyes. Running her body up His lean frame she places
her lips to His ear and softly whispers, "Ah but Sir this dance has only begun, and Your
girl has more in store for Your pleasure. Now please allow Your girl to continue as well as
allow Your girl to use Your toys that You lovingly picked out for Your wild one." Leaning
back onto her heels she awaited His answer. Giving her a look of patients and restrained
lust He nods His approval to her. Reaching down He pulls out His bag and sits it upon His
lap, opening it He selects a toy for her to use. Pulling out a long slender soft dildo He
hands it to her.

Taking the toy within her hands she whispers a soft " Thank You." then retreats to the pole
once again. Slowly she turns in His direction and deliberately slips the dildo into her mouth
deep throated it for Him to see how well she can do such an act knowing full well that He is
already aware of how she can take all of His hard cock within her throat. With much
mischief in her eyes she leans back against the pole and spreads her long slender yet
muscled legs so that her woman hood is now open. Slowly she slips the toy over her clit
down to the opening of her lusty parts. Lubricating it up she brings it back to her clit once
again and slowly massages her clit with the toy. "Stick it in until it fills you and think of it
as My own hard cock and make love to it as you would make love to Me." He growled out
in pure all out lust.

Wanting nothing more then to please Him and to show Him her love for Him she does as
He commands and slowly slides the toy down to the folds of her desire, slipping the toy in
and out a few times to work it into her wet hole she feels it slowly fill her and slowly it
brings her almost to the edge of her desire. But until she hears from Him those words that
always send her over the edge. Slowly working the toy in and out she manages to find her
g-spot and keeps working the toy on that one tender spot. Looking to Him she begs with her
eyes for Him to give her permission to take her release in front of Him.

Watching her He slowly feels His desire reaching it's all time high, holding out His hand
He motions for her to come to Him. " Take the toy out my precious one and come pleasure
your One with your mouth and body. And once I feel that you have done this then and only
then will I allow you to have what you most desire." Slipping the toy out of herself she
brings it to her lips and begins to suckle on it taking every bit of her juices into her mouth.
Crawling to kneel in front of Him she hands the toy over, and slips up His body to stop with
her lips to His. Slowly she reached out with her tongue and traced His lips until He opened
them, pushing her tongue into His mouth she ran it along His so that her juices lay upon
His tongue for Him to taste what awaits Him. Grabbing her by her long tresses He pulled
her closer and kissed her with all the passion He possessed. Then He pulled her away from
Him and whispered to her, " Place them soft lips and that hot mouth upon Me and pleasure
Me little one, and play with your clit as you do so. I want My girl nice and wet as well as
hot and ready for Me." Lowering herself down she unzips His jeans and pulls them down
out of the way of His raging hard cock. As it springs out at her she gasps with pleasure as
well as excitement. Looking up to His face she takes Him into her mouth and works her
saliva around, up and down His long thick shaft until He was buried nice and snugly in her
hot lusty mouth. Placing her hands on both sides of His cock she begins to work her mouth
on Him in a loving way as she knows how to do in order to bring Him pleasure.

Burring His hands in her hair He shows her how slow He wants her to move her mouth on
Him. His desire to take her is already beating within His vain with a primal animalistic
urge of centuries long gone. He knows how to please her as He knows how to breath. But He
wants to prolong this night as to show her exactly how much He wants her and loves her, as
well as how much she means to Him and wants her with Him as long as time will allow.
Feeling her pick up her pace and His desire to seek release coming closer He pulls her head
away and leans down to turn her away from Him. Grabbing hold of the chain that holds her
in this room He pulls slightly so that she stands. Pushing her towards the pole He places
her hands on the poles cold smooth surface, then pulls her hips towards Him so that she is
slightly bent over. Taking a deep breath in to collect her scent in His senses He rams His
hard cock deep into her nicely tight hole. Hearing her take a breath in from shock and
pleasure He takes hold of the chain in His right hand, and wraps it around so that His
hand is no more then a inch away from the collar, then reaches His other hand around her
and grabs hold of her left breast with His left hand and squeezes her breast with as much
pressure as He dare to as to not bring her pain. Pulling His cock out of her as slowly as
she did with the toy He whispers into her ear, " Now My precious one not only will you
pleasure Me with your cumin on My cock but I will also pleasure you as I know you want
and enjoy. But I will do this at My pace and in My own way. There will be no begging for
release, there will be no begging to be allowed to cum and there will be no cumin on your
own. Only when you hear Me tell you to cum on My hard cock will you climax and cum all
over Me am I clear on this?". All she could do was nod for words escaped her at this time.

Releasing her breast and took hold of her hair moving it aside so that her neck was exposed
to Him, leaning forward He opened His mouth and placed it on her neck and bit down on
her flesh. Feeling her contract around Him almost made Him loose His composer but He
held strong to it. Slipping His cock back into her only half way He teased her like this for a
while, she dare not move or she would no longer be able to hold onto her control to not
climax before being told to. Suddenly as He kept her neck in His teeth He slammed His
hard cock into her to the hilt and stayed still for a moment while He enjoyed the feeling of
her warm flesh caressing Him in the most intimate of ways that could ever be described as
pure bliss. Letting her neck go from His bite He stood up as far as He could taking in the
intoxicating sight of her naked body before Him. Turning her head she looked over her
shoulder at Him with passion filled now hazel eyes and whispered softly to the One she
loved, " Take Your pleasure as i give myself to You totally and freely my love."

Seeing the look in her eyes and the sound in her voice He could no longer resist taking what
she offered up to Him and only Him. Bending back over her again He bit back down on her
neck and grabbed her breast once again as He began a slow rhythmic movement of ages
past that was natural in Him. He began to feel her climax growing ever so close to it's peek
and He Himself could hold back from giving His girl, His slut, His true love every bit of
passion filled love He had inside of Him... Slamming His cock in and out of her soft folds
His own climax grew ever so close to explosion. Kissing her neck and upper back and
shoulder lovingly and softly He whispered His passion filled purr into her ear. "Cum for
Me, Cum all over Me, Show Me how much you love Me and enjoy Me making love to you.
Cum for Me right NOW!.". As His girl climaxed and cam all over His cock He felt His own
passionate climax even more closer then before. So much closer that He had a hard time
holding back until she was almost done and as she was about to decent from her climax He
growled animosity in her ear. "Now Mine, I am going to cum in you and fill you up. And
you WILL cum again for Me as I know you do when I cum inside of your sweet pussy.
And I know it is because of your love and passion for Me that you do climax with Me. For
you know damn well that it makes Me cum even harder and makes Me feel even more
aroused to the point of cumin so hard that I hit the end of your sweetly hot and wet with
your own cum pussy. And then when I am done cumin in you and lay down next to you, I
want you to clean Me as you enjoy My little bitch of a vixen so that you may taste of O/our
love making. Then My love, you will clean yourself up, clean Me up then come and lay
next to Me so that I may hear how your heart beats your love for Me and fall asleep with
the most wonderfully passionate and sensual woman, submissive, lady, and love of My life
next to Me where she belongs. Am I clear on this My vixen?" Shivering with passion and
anticipation for her ever enjoyable taste of His and her love for O/one another she softly
whispered to the point of Him almost not hearing her, " Yes my love, i shall pleasure You
ask You make love to me and make me cum again while You are cumin in me. For Your
girl very much enjoys and loves when You cum in her as You do. It makes Your girl, Your
vixen, Your little bitch know that You do so with nothing but the utmost love and passion for
me. And Your girl give her cum up to You to show her love in this way. Even though Your
girl always shows You by doing other pleasurable thing for You, Your girl knows this is the
one MOST pleasurable for You. Please love, make love to me and make me cum all over
Your cock so that You may find Your own release and pleasure. And Your girl willingly will
suck O/our love juices off Your cock and clean You with my mouth so that You are clean."

Throwing her head back she shows Him her eagerness for Him to wrap her hair around His
hand once again and totally Dominate her as only He knows how to do. His girls trust in
Him runs to the very depths of her soul and He not only knows it but sees it and feels it.
Reaching up He smoothes her long dark brown tresses of hair back into a pony tail in His
hand and process to wrap it around to tighten His grip. Yanking her head back a bit He
leaned over her and whispered in her ear before biting her neck once again. " Cum for Me
NOW!!!!" As He began once again moving in and out of her faster and faster. Harder and
harder until He felt her cumin again. " Are you cumin? Are you? Cause I am going to
cum right NOW!!!!" Straining He spilled His cum inside her as she cam all over Him.
Releasing her breast He leaned ever so lightly against her back and told her, " My God
love, I love when you cum like that." He pulled Himself out of her, unlocked her from her
chain and laid down. Looking at all His splendor and beauty as a man she crawled between
His legs and slowly worked her way up His inner thighs with her tongue tasting and
caressing Him until she reached His now spent balls and began to lick and gently suck
them clean before she made her way ever so slowly and lovingly up to His now relaxed
cock. Placing her lips upon it she heard His intake of breath which He soon let out when she
had Him all the way in her hot mouth. Suckling ever so gently and carefully she cleaned
His cock off until none of their love juices were left. Looking up to His eyes she smiled so at
Him with so much love in her eyes that it reached all the way down to His very soul. Gently
He reached down and pulled her to His side and caressed her cheek as He told her in a very
tired yet lovable tone, " I love you My girl and know that in the way that I show you with
all that I say and do to you and for you. And know that you are special to Me and I am
the most luckiest man to find a precious person such as your self. Good night My love and
have sweet dreams." They both drifted off into satisfying sleep in each O/others arms.

Copyright ©2003  By; Dark Hearted Vixen

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