Part Two of My Beginning!!

I honestly hope that you have enjoyed my work and have felt all that I felt
while writing my poems.. So many emotions are rarely spoken of. So I felt
it was my job to show that no matter what is some way you can show yours!!!

Remember that to laugh is to enjoy, to live is to strive, and to love is to have pain.
For love no matter what does have some pain with it. And yes you can honestly
and truly love someone and have an ache in your heart that can hurt yet you know
 it is love. So keep the one you love close and enjoy the time you have with then.

The Hidden Heart

Calling deep and far within,
I look for the one I lost.
Buried far and below the hurt,
I placed upon it a curse.

Until the one comes along,
This heart of mine shall forever be gone.
Until the one who welds the sword,
Can brake this curse forever.

None shall know the one who's heart,
Was forever cast within this stone.
So pass by with ease,
And look within these blue eyes,
To see if you might be the one.

Copyright ©2003 By ; Dark Hearted Vixen

Casting of the Spell

He opened the book to the spell,
pulled out his dagger,
and put it on the stone,
so that the spell could be started.

Raising his voice to more then a whisper,
saying the words wrote within,
He began to cast the spell,
that would bind the two within.

The smoke began to whirl around his feet,
he looked to the sky above a blue so deep,
He told the Gods and Goddess's above,
Let this one spell find it's mark,
and help these two to become as one.

She cast her heart into hard stone,
Many years ago,
Only to be had by one,
whose profit lay within the stone.

He must be brave of heart,
Strong in soul,
Courageous in spirit,
A fighter through and through.

Can he weld the sword,
that can brake the stone she's in,
Can he find her heart,
that was broken by them?

Only he who welds the spell shall know,
For if his spell rings true,
The sword is cast within the hand,
of the one he aims the spell too.

With sword in hand and a heart so strong,
He approached the stone that was her home,
Bring back a mighty arm he let the sword go,
and with the first hit the stone began to brake.

Out of stone a beauty appeared,
falling to the ground she cried,
"Why have you brought me here?"
shivering from her nakedness,

She looked within his eyes.
opening his arms he pulled her near,
He knew the hurt within,
as she pulled away to find him in tears.

"What is this that is within your eyes,
Is what I see deep in their depths pity?
Or love that one can hold,
even for someone who was treated badly?"

Leaning close he ask of her,
"Why is it that you are afraid,
of the things that are meant to be?"
Feeling her shiver,
and knowing that even though she's not cold.
He wrapped his cloak around her,
In hopes to keep a hold.

Looking shyly into his eyes,
She quietly says to him,
the one thing that comes to mind.
"I fear not what is meant to be.
what I fear the most,
is the inevitable,
that always comes to me."

Within these hurtful word he hears,
the promise of hope,
that is deep and sincere.
That one day soon,
her love can be true.

But only to the one,
in which the sword has spoke.
She knew when she cast the stone spell,
that her love would stay cold,
until the one who weld the sword,
would come to brake the stone.

And so the caster of the spell did see,
that upon the unsuspecting soul,
his spell did reach.

Is this spell strong enough,
to even beat all the odds.
Is this spell the working of the wizard,
or the work from one who wishes?

The only ones who know,
is the one who carries the heart,
and the one who welds the sword,
can know if they speak true,
of heart, mind, body and soul.

But the spell binder shall watch and wait,
for if this spell should fail,
'tis only this caster to blame.

And if the spell shall work,
true and divine,
The person now reading the story,
Shall be able to make up their mind.
For 'tis a true story if only one believes,
And this I know to be true,
For it happened to me.

Copyright ©2003 By ; Dark Hearted Vixen

Loves View

Opening my arms I hold out for you,
Closing my heart is what I really need to do.
Can you not see what is deep within,
Or have they blinded you to a love that is true?

Pulling me close you say the words,
Do you honestly mean them.
Are they words of love for me,
Or do you think of someone else.

Pleading is within my eyes,
For your love to be forever mine.
But are you capable of this that I ask,
Or is this just a passions bliss.

You wrap your fingers within my hair,
Pull me close to whisper in my ear.
What is this you are saying to my heart,
Is this of a love that is just beginning to start.

Pulling me down within your arms,
You wrap your love within my heart.
Don’t you see exactly what you do to me,
Of course you do or it would end way to soon.

Pleasing each other is where I enjoy,
Being within your arms until morn light.
Laying in the darkness watching you sleep,
Can our love grow more deep.

Just open your heart and close your eyes,
Reach out your hand and take within it mine.
And to you I will give all that I can,
And from you I will take what it is you have.

Copyright ©2003 By; Dark Hearted Vixen

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