My bear, My girl!!!!

Wrapping My loving arms around her,
Dragging her body to Mine,
The soul of a beautiful submissive,
Is Mine to take care of and love.

My bear -  you brighten up My day,
A smile upon My lips appears,
When ever you walk into the room,
My love is yours forever.

To you I offered My collar,
With love and pride you accepted,
And now your My girl forever,
At least until the Goddess takes you back.

With love and much affection,
This page I make for you,
No matter what should happen,
My unconditional love you have.

With MUCH love and affection I make this page for the one whom I placed a collar on. on May 4, 2005.
Vixens_loving_bear is now Mine until I give her back to the Goddess....

Made with love by; Dark Hearted Vixen

My bears registration showing she belongs to Me!!!

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