For My Vampire

With all my heart, soul, body and mind.
I have chosen to dedicate this page to
the One Man, the One Dominant in my
life whom has loved me for whom I am
inside and out. He is the one who has
taught me to be who I am and to enjoy
life all over again without fear.

He is also the man who has inspired
all of my work that is within these few
pages. Vampire and myself have been
with O/one another for three years now.
And He has shown me so many things I
never knew. He has shown me love, trust
desire, fulfillment, pleasure, and devotion.


Reaching out - I scream your name,
Looking around - Your no where to be seen.

Raising my eyes - I search for love,
Lifting my arms - I pray to the heavens above.

Seeing him - I call out your name,
Running forward - My heart feels pain.

Within reach - I'm almost there,
Desiring his touch - Can it even compare.

Eyes wide open - Soon he will see,
Nothing to hide - All that's before him is me.

Do not deny - I feel something different,
Boldness is here - Will this love go the distance.

Whispered words - He calls out my given name,
Without fear - With him there is no shame.

Touching me - He's all that I want,
Kisses my lips - love is always there no matter what.

Holding him close - my body burns for his caress,
Within his arms - With him I am no actress.

Being true - Seeing his love within his soul,
Honor bound - This love is one I plan to hold.

Kissing my hand - He purrs out my name,
Pulling me closer - And only for him I came.

Is love blind - I find myself craving his touch,
There is no denial - Is it way to much.

Passion sores - Biting down upon my neck,
Lustful gaze - Tossed upon the bed I'm on my back.

Claws racking - My body belongs to him only,
Teeth biting flesh - My heart is his souly.

Arching back - Lust is beginning to build,
Moaning loud - When I cum he's totally thrilled.

Catching my breath - Hearing his command,
Closing my eyes - Giving up all for only his hand.

Reaching around - Our hearts beat faster,
Grabbing hold - In my soul He's my Master.

Growling my name - He loves me for who I am,
Gripping tight - He shows me it's no scam.

Deep breath in -  His sent is over powering,
Grumbled moans - My love for him is not souring.

Holding me close - He is all that I need,
Kissing Goodnight - With him I need not plead.

Copyright ©2003  By; Dark Hearted Vixen

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