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Princes Maaike.


It all began when Princes Maaike was born,

She was a beautiful girl,

With blue shining eyes,

And she got a lot of beautiful cloths.

When she was eight she met Bernhart.

It was raining.


He was with his mother Ann.

They liked each other very much,

But her mother didnít want her to married with him,

But Bernhartís mother thought it was ok.


One day when Maaike was eighteen

They went for a walk with Jon and Sasja, who also came along,

And they found four Four-leaved clovers.

So they all made a wish.


Later that day

They arrived at the end of the Rainbow .

And the pot of gold

But they didnít take the gold.


Much, much later they went to a Ball

Maaike with Bernhart, and Sasja with Jon

Bernhart asked Maaike to dance with him,

And they danced until dinner time.

During dinner they fell in love,


And later that month they married


They got a beautiful house with four bed rooms,

 Three bath rooms,

Two toilets and one loft,

A living room,

And a kitchen,


A few years later they had a baby and they called her




And they lived happily ever after,