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It was dark out side, in fact, it was quite dark, and the fact that it was 200 degrees K. didn't help either.

Not to cold actually...the suit helped though.

"No moon?"

"It's more to the left, out side your view, never mind the moon let's take them pictures and move back inside the mountain. We got to drag the whole contraption back inside and all, and get all the frigging dust off; Going to take a century to get back to a cuppa Tay."



"Dawn, they want pictures of the moon too if possible, for reference, I wish they'd make up their mind before we send out into the dust"


They were standing at the foot of a slope going up about 8000Ell, in front of a big airlock. They had come to test a newly build telescope. 

It had arrived on Mars in bits and pieces.

The plan was to put up a number of automated telescopes all over the planet, and some in orbit, or on the moons. This system, and a similar system on earth were going to cooperate and guard over both planets, any rock flying in the wrong lane would get arrested that way... well that was the plan.

"This is as good as it gets... I can't get more out of it. We better start with the shelter and all the cable stuff"

The telescope was to be set up in a shed, with a roof; the roof would close if the weather went sour. Of cause they couldn't look through the scope wearing helmets and all, the picture was picked up with electronics and send to a monitor, in side the caves.

"Let's move some dirt. These cables should get underground. Lot of work.., and in a week we got to move the whole contraption to the top side... Putting up a scope on the bottom of a canyon...."

"Dawn, Phone..."