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More updates and entries...shit yeah! Oh, the birthday show is not gonna happen...unless if I have a belated one in which I will tell you about if we do. Instead I'm having a camping trip for the 5th of july in which Critter and I will play some songs round the campfire. Duane too if he gets an acoustic bass for the occasion. We are still waiting to record. Other than that not much is going on. We aren't practicing this week which sucks. We have kind of a lot of new songs to work out. Here's some titles of new songs I'll Look for You by the Lake, Call me when the weather breaks, Hide Behind Clouds(secret forbidden love)and I dont know thats all I can think of off the top of my head. We prolly have about 10 to 12 complete songs with lyrics but I also have about 20 that I need to write lyrics for and teach Duane. Hopefully, we'll get our stuff going soon. Tired...night


Birthday show might not happen. Also I added pictures to my part of the members page (Props to Jerald for the photography). Critter and Duane still need to get me pictures.


So yeah we've been a band for a little over year and we've made a lot of improvements so we decided to celebrate by doing a live recording as a practice for the demo we will be recording called Fortune Favors the Brave. We will be going through the whole recording process pretty soon. When that happens this site will have a link on it leading you to a site with MP3s on it. Thats all for recording news. We don't have any shows yet but we havent tried yet either. However we are inviting people to come watch us practice/jam for my birthday. And conveniently enough it is on my birthday July 6th. So just contact me if you are interested in watching us play. Thats all for now check back for the link and stuff. And now props to the guy who recorded us and will be recording us soon...i think his name is Jay.... thanks, I'm Out, Adam S


I started updating the site a little bit today in case you didnt notice. I apologize for the lack of photos, I will be getting around to that soon. Also, Critter and Duane's profile will be up shortly. That's all for now. Adam R Swanson