Twisted Poems//version 1//part of TTL


I added 7 new poems on July 18, 2003. Performance Poem is under the suicide menu. By the way, I had to write that for an english class along with 20 other poems and I think that one is the only one I actually like that I turned in. I added Fighter, You Cant, and Broken Doll to the Other menu. By the way, I'm not really expecting you to understand Broken doll, I'm not sure I understand it myself...haha. The one has been added to the love menu. And last but not least, Gonna get you and Listen were added to abuse. But you guys can expect more soon since I already have some ideas. Hope you like them... I'm going to submit some to a publisher who will hopefully like them!! Wish me luck!!!!! *Later*

Hey everyone! These are SOME of my poems, although I have other ones that I only let certain people read these I didnt really mind if you guys read them. However, please note that I am not suicidal. I have also not experienced some of the things I write about but some of my friends have and they told me enough about it for it to be an inspiration for a poem. But, please, dont ask me when it happened or if it happened to me, because I wont tell you. Its not your business, theres only 4 people in this world that I will tell who this stuff happened to... and they know who they are. One thing about my poems is most of them have a deeper meaning, so my poems arent always what they seem. I'm sorry if any of them disturb you, but I didnt make you read them. If you disagree with suicide and depression then dont read thoes poems or exit my site. I dont need your emails about how I am wrong... because they dont make a difference and I will continue to write as I please. Other than that, Enjoy my poems and check back often because I'll probably add a poem or so every day.
**Twisted Teen**