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:: Infatuation ::
Shattered Tears is a grafics site that includes things such as Neopets Related things, things for your site, some interesting reads and alot more. Shattered Tears is owned by Jessica, who makes all the grafics 100%. I'm 16 and live in Australia. I love to web design and make all different types of grafics but I dont make personalized ones sorry. For updates on the site read the site blog and the navigation is belowe. Its rather easy to understand. If you need to contact me e-mail or use one of the variouse e-mail forms around the site.

:: Layout ::
This is Version 3 of Infatuation. The picture used in this layout is off the 3 Charmed Sisters, Pipe, Pheobe and Paige. Charmed is a series on TV about witches. Its now in its 5th Season. The pictures from this layout came from The background was made by me, you can find out how by going to the tutorials section. Fonts used were bluebaby and Ruritania. This layout uses IFrames and Tables and was tested in 1280x1024 res.

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