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Welcome! I have been living and working in Istanbul (Turkey) as the jury translator. I want to offer you the translation services. Below you can see some useful data about me. Experience of the translation working: more than 20 years. Areas of the translation: economy, commercial and technical documentation, contracts,construction, chemical and food production,industrial equipment, religion, music and yoga. There is a possibility to work at home. Languages and direction of translation: Turkish-Russian-Azerbaijani,any directions. English- Azerbaijani. Derivation, scientific degree: higher, Candidate of philosophical sciences. Place and date of birth: 27.06.1951, Azerbaijan, city of Baku Nationality and citizenship: Azerbaijani, Azerbaijan Republic There are all necessary conditions, including appropriate engineering (computer, fax\modem, scanner, the printer, software, is connected to the network Internet by the cable Internet). 09.05.2003 Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!