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  1. The Tragedy of Macbeth can also be refered to as "The Scottish Play" or "The Scottish King".
  2. It is one of Shakespeare's shortest tragedies.
  3. Shakespeare based Macbeth on three actual historical events.
  4. There actually was a King Macbeth.
  5. Historically, Macbeth and King Duncan were blood relatives.
  6. Shakespeare's play, Macbeth, was a mix between two actual histories in Scotland.
  7. Historically, Banquo helped Macbeth kill King Duncan.
  8. Shakespeare got all his information of Scottish history from Holinshed's The Chronicles of Scottish History.
  9. King Duncan was a weaker king in real life than what Skakespeare made him out to be.
  10. The Tragedy of Mabeth is also one of Shakespeares most power and emotionally intense tragedies.