Thick With Conviction - A Poetry Journal
thick with conviction a poetry journal

Carson Nunnally


There is a loneliness to love; a
forsaken and desperate thing.
It's not all ours and yet,
we wish it were.
We are mocked by our own foolishness.
The stars smile politely, they
know we don't know anything.


I had one of those urges you know?
Like a gust of wind gone crazy, a sheer knock-out effect.
And my arms are pinned
And I'm helplessly breathing huge gusts of oxygen in.
Maybe it's all a helpless symmetrical reality.
My hair curling around my face like fiddle-head ferns.
Because the truth was never there or if ever, always.
It was the whole wide world plunging into hypothermic waters and
A collective gasp of surprise.
It was a silent singly shared secret,
Or one forever kept in many ways not made in shapes.
And so I had one of those urges.
It carried me away, so far away,
That every thought became a dot on the sun-threaded horizon.
The sunset shares its secrets in beach blonde summer waves.
Strawberries were preferable
But this, this crazy girl was better.
She even tasted like the sunset,
She had one of those urges you know?

Carson Nunnally is a homeschooled sixteen year old who lives in Houston, Texas where she is starting to publish her poetry.


Current Issue:
June 2011


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