Thick With Conviction - A Poetry Journal
thick with conviction a poetry journal

Patricia Wellingham-Jones

Testing One, Two, Three

I already took that test,
learned more than I wanted to know
about husbands dying. Crammed
the night before #3
and it did no good, I still
had to find my way.
Did the classic
for #2, learned too young
how it felt to lose
a life, start a new one.
I just weathered #1,
the phone call
from a weeping grown-up child
whose dad, my ex-husband
and friend, died unexpectedly
in the hospital. Oh yeah,
I aced those exams,
feel that Iíve earned
a PhD in widowhood.
Donít want to do
this particular test again,
but thereís still
one husband to go.

Patricia Wellingham-Jones is a former psychology researcher and writer/editor with an interest in healing writing and the benefits of writing and reading work together. Widely published in poetry and nonfiction, she writes for the review department of Recovering the Self: a journal of hope and healing and has ten chapbooks of poetry.


Current Issue:
August 2013


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