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Oh the thunder it cries
as the face of her begins to materialize.
In my sleep she comes to life.
A girl who doesn't know me,
who doesn't realize...

She looks right through me
in class and on the street.
Now I have no pulse
my heart does not beat.

Oh the thunder drives me insane.
I'm the one in the corner
wishing I had the courage to ask your name.

The one who loves you the most
you don't don't know.
I long for her touch.
I long for her voice.
I long for her so much.

Oh the thunder it screams my name.
Trapped in time.
I'm trapped in this crazy game.

In my dreams she knows who I am.
In my sleep as I talk with the Sandman.
I see the eyes stare as you walk by.
You notice them all but mine.

Oh the thunder it pounds my head.
Without your voice I wish I was dead.
When the time draws, when death calls
as you walk the halls I begin to fall
in love.

You look right through me
in class and on the street.
Your voice, your style...
You're so unique.

Oh the thunder is beginning to fade.
Time is slipping, the price has been paid.
What will it take? What do I need
to show you how to plant the seed of love?

The skull of death laughs at my face.
You are so close, you are so far away.

Oh the thunder grows louder
as I'm lost in time beginning to wonder
when is the time?

The sun is coming, the moon is falling.
The voice of death is calling.
The face of love is crying for me.

Oh the thunder
Oh the thunder
is dead.