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My own personal hell.
Away from you I tend to dwell.
Scorching hot yet very cold.
Nothing to eat and very alone.

Sitting on my bed thoughts in and out.
Pulling at my head I scream and shout.
Bang into the wall, hit a glass door.
Cut open my arm, bleed on the floor.

I tend to dwell into my own personal hell.
Away from you, too scared to say hello.
Scare the cat as i stare with no expression.
Stare to the night as they call on my extension.

My own personal hell.
Alone in a room feeling dead.
Being consumed by bugs.
In and out they crawl.
How I shout. How I call for help.

But no one comes when you live alone
in your own personal hell.

Standing in the corner we begin the chase.
With blood on my hands and a smile on my face.
Don't let me catch you what horrors I could do.
Tear your soul apart, make you yell.
So don't invade my personal hell.

Those that do see what' I've been through.
It's not a pretty sight.
Full of shame and fright.
Don't invade my dreams or my mind.
Don't make me angry.
I'm tired of being kind.

See my pain and wish for help.
Cause you've seen my personal hell.
My own personal hell.
Away from you I tend to dwell.