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poetry of a greater evil
Monday, 1 August 2005
innocence is here
Yeah, her name was innocence
And she was beautiful

Her flaws, inumerable
Just like ours
Yet her scars were even beautiful
Not like ours

Yeah her name was innocence
And she was beautiful

Her eyes deep and mysterious
And i want it badly
Her invisible face made me delirious
Yet couldnt have it, sadly

NO! where is she?
Just here
Just there
Supposed to be everywhere
But no, where?

Her name was innocence
And she was beautiful

Posted by poetry/the_neopolitan at 12:43 AM CDT
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There it is...
That magical moment...
With my adrenaline so potent
That it could take down the scent
Of the sweat upon my brow

She makes me dizzy
No, lovin her isn't easy
YEt it wasnt hard

She had strobe light bright eyes
Evry morn she'd be my sunrise surprise
My inner mind with shrieks and cries:

Here it comes...
That magical moment...
With my immagination having come and went
To and from her and her boyfriend

But she couldnt be in love,you see
It wasnt him, had to be me
And yet oddly:

There she went...
Caught in a magical moment...
With her heart so important
To me
But, was it me?

Posted by poetry/the_neopolitan at 12:42 AM CDT
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Like a rainbow after a heavy rain
Her image, plastered in your brain
Yet, Advil couldnt take away your pain
Oh...and she had reason to boast
Cuz if it was possible at all
She was "the one who got away" the most

Your convo's: nothin more than fluff
Talk about the borin stuff
Like "the weather lately's bin rough"
Yet, she'd make the time go away
Like the disappearing clock on our wall
But there was always something that you couldnt say

She had the calves of a goddess
You'd thought heaven was upon us
No, she didnt have to be honest
She was your rainbow starlet
Great depths would you fall
For her, a beautiful rainbow tartlet

Posted by poetry/the_neopolitan at 12:40 AM CDT
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I'm stuck, in an elevator that is without any levels
I'm stuck, in a lego-land that can't be disassembled
It was you
You got me into this fine mess
And it was you who made me kneel down and confess

With your unfathomable blank stares
With your morning dew glistened hair
With your scent an irresistably sweet tart

Trying to find love without a map
Trying for a better mouse trap
Trying to win a lost heart

Just a distant memory from the future
Just a glance that led to torture
Just a car that wouldnt stop nor start

Posted by poetry/the_neopolitan at 12:32 AM CDT
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