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Hello, My name is Kathryn. Some call me Kat and those closest to me call me Dolly. It seems you have found your way to my chamber. This is a space for me to share with whomever is intrested, the writings that mean the most to me for what ever reason. Some are mine, others are great. The fact is they were all inspired by someones memories or feelings and should be read. Have fun, reflect, and if you have anything to say about any of it, feel free to contact me. And to Gordon, I'll give you my heart for as long as you will have it.

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A Vampires Love

Beauty in darkness is not easily found
but beauty lives here, limits unbound
pitty me not, a lost soul you think
though not touched by love, its loves blood I drink
a cherrished solitude, without blame
taste from my tongue this bleeding black flame
feel my black heart ? seeping calamity
while the blade of my fang, drains your fragile humanity
by Kat

I am rage, I am pain, I am hate I am full of agony over this life. Take me from this hellish normality Into that sweet, cool, twisted darkness. I will not regret the violence, Anything is better than this Banality. Let me walk in a world of mystery where I alone control my fate, and that of others. Give me eternal powers And I will wreak havoc in your name. Let me be the hunter, not the prey The tormentor, not the victim. Give me power So that when I tell them go to hell, I can also send them on their way. Give me strength so I may destroy, Give me death so I may live...
for kat by G.R.Hale

This is my all time favorite poem by William Bourdillon
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

The night has a thousand eyes,
And the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright world dies
With the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one;
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When love is done

Fools Prayer -Edward Sill

The royal feast was done; the King
Sought some new sport to banish care,
And to his jester cried: "Sir Fool,
Kneel now, and make for us a prayer!"

The jester doffed his cap and bells,
And stood the mocking court before;
They could not see the bitter smile
Behind the painted grin he wore.

He bowed his head, and bent his knee
Upon the monarch's silken stool;
His pleading voice arose: "O Lord,
Be merciful to me, a fool!

"No pity, Lord, could change the heart
From red with wrong to white as wool;
The rod must heal the sin: but, Lord,
Be merciful to me, a fool!

" 'Tis not by guilt the onward sweep
Of truth and right, O Lord, we stay;
'Tis by our follies that so long
We hold the earth from heaven away.

"These clumsy feet, still in the mire,
Go crushing blossoms without end;
These hard, well-meaning hands we thrust
Among the heart-strings of a friend.

"The ill-timed truth we might have kept -
Who knows how sharp it pierced and stung?
The word we had not sense to say -
Who knows how grandly it had rung?

"Our faults no tenderness should ask,
The chastening stripes must cleanse them all;
But for our blunders - oh, in shame
Before the eyes of heaven we fall.

"Earth bears no balsam for mistakes;
Men crown the knave, and scourge the tool
That did his will; but Thou, O Lord,
Be merciful to me, a fool!"

The room was hushed; in silence rose
The King, and sought his gardens cool.
And walked apart, and murmured low,
"Be merciful to me, a fool!"

Pierre, Though we are no longer...and we have both moved on.
I will remember you always and these words that meant so much

The Darkness of the Day
threatend to swallow me whole
I debated on allowing it to,
With its acid rays of Life
Because I was Unhappy.
Because I had no direction.
Because depression finds its comfort
In strange things.
I overcame it.
I found someone
In the Darkness where I lived
Peering back at me from behind the glass
She offered me something i thought was lost
In the harbor of her arms I found my solace.
In the warmth of her Kisses I found myself.
In the strength of her embrace I found Peace
And I hope to do the same for her.
To be able to fulfill her needs
To be able to bring the smiles to her face
Like the Smiles she has brought to me.

Across a Thousand Miles I came
Across a Thousand tragedies I survived
For a Love a Thousand tons weighed
For a Love purer than the Midnight Sun
I love her with all my heart
And I love her with all my mind
In Happiness I have found
The things Dreams are made of
I hope it is enough
To keep her in my arms.
By Cyde

She Waits
no other choice guitar screams his only voice
pulsing crowd cheering loud
all this time she waits

drenched in sweat, commitment met
out of the cage and exit stage
all this time she waits

tower of sound, tear it down
a passing glance, one last chance
all this time she waits

no touch of his hand, its all for the band
another night catch the last flight
all this time she waits

shoved aside tears uncried
a weary sigh, she wonders why
all this time she waits


The End
dont ask me for favors its much to late
shut your fucking mouth, im deciding your fate
youve stolen my soul and wrecked my life
what a fucking joke, - bitch, wheres my knife

the whole time you look at me i invision your death
sorry or not, youre wasting your breath
axeblade sticking up out of your head
or your shit for brains splattered all over by lead

take a walk to cool off, sure, what ever you say
but I can already smell your body rotting away
Go ahead and try to shake my hand
what a fucking pussy, go hide your head in the sand

a creeping smile on my lips, for the first time in years
watching you bleed and choking on fears
the look on your face was worth the price
I picked the right moment and didnt think twice

the tables have turned how does it feel
to have your one true friend breaking the deal
think youre ever gonna fuck me over again,
not in this life time my friend

now drown in your own blood mother fucker, the end



Kat's brand new baby girl,
Jordan Skylar, born 2-2-07

Kat's Boys
Drew 15 and Justin 13

and this is Gordon
the love of my life
If for some reason you feel the need to contact me you can do so here. I might actually get back to you someday.


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