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contract the world by its color
all of us are alike one way or another
but its all state on a systematic view
judge by your IQ separates the world in 2
rich u succeed and poor fail miserably
do u really believe in that fact seriously?
fact is based to be true but fiction at times is believe in fact
do u believe meteorites will end the world with a vicious attack?
or will the world end in the hands of mankind
scientist claming this an that but its all done in the hands of time
the world with no humans would have lasted longer
a gift soon we will destroy with weapons so much stronger
but take a step back an look at the sun the beautiful view
the sun shines in your eyes an the sky a beautiful raw blue...


dark cold room shackled to a corner i committed a sin
the shadow of death feels above me...with a sound of a violin
my hearts beats harder..air gets harder to take in..
the violin sound gets louder i can feel the chills on my skin..
please forgive me for all that i have done..
a voice replies "its to late death has begun...
i begin to cough over n over liek someone shot a gas gun
i can feel my self gettin weaker cryin tears of blood..
my mind full with thoughts... a mental flash flood
my vision starts to fade..all i hear is different languages...a phylum
darkness sorrounds last thing i heard was a whisper "welcome to asylum"

sleeping beauty

a fairy tale that fades into reality
which creates you....actuality
in love with your mind not just sexuality
your beliefes and positive spirituality
cristina...i love u with everybit of my heart
painted images of u in my head..a great work of art
let me kiss your forehead before i go to bed
dis fairy tale will never end just start new instead...

alone ft:scythe

I sit motionless in a dark room, slowly whispering a prayer
The window is broken, and I get tears in my eyes from the cold streaming air
It's solid reluctance, but a man without hope is torn layer by layer
My love is a long road leading home, but when will I be getting there?
You see I've gone through deserts and sense a growing dispare
When not covering an inch of the travel I'm destined to bear
Oh Lord I feel I've lost all of my chances
I'm imprisoned and someone else is stealing my dances
I feel I will be forced to one day leave this life alone
(vibes aka uniek tekniek)
love is in the air but the wind doesnít dry my tears...
the feeling of loneliness still here and alone i face my fears..
i write about love but the ink hits the paper and slowly disappears...
sadness on a high...another lonely night it appears...
i go outside and the rain gently drops on my head...
is it tears from above....or is it my heart that created it instead...
they say love drops clues and in the future it comes to u..
well Iím still riding this river alone. Tired of this one man canoe..
as the river gets vicious another season I got to work through..
but soon the canoe will tip. An i can feel alone i will swim too..
my future fades into a success but another night alone..
did i really succeed?. Or do u fail if u die on your own?

Judge me

laying down lookin threw my window alone in my room
my thoughts passin faster den soundwaves "sonic boom"
im a poet with a passion of success but keep my feelings suppress
no room for mistakes critical thinkin on each move like "chess"
i do this for me and for some others not meant to impress
dont give a fuck what some think about me...only room to progress
judge me if u feel but yall dont know nothing about me
dont doubt my knoweldge because i dont have no academic degree
im still tearin papers up with my mind and my pen
with a desire of not givin up and trying over and over again
i was raised to express and prove fools wrong
live life and love it with happyness before long
so all these fags that think they can underline me
"he isnt good for u" shit soon il be a sight to see...
let me rephrase that what im tryna define
im only tryna be the options left.....god bless

night tearz

at nights i think about the past an reminisce...
all the times i i block them but reality still exists
the tears burn my eyes but yet they help me go to sleep
sleepin with one pillow cause i have to save but others label me cheap..
no one will ever understand except one... the pain i go threw
the pain deep inside that hits in relation liek a stomach flu
maybe one night il be bless an be able to hold my mom..
instead of dreams of her fadin in my arms leavin me lookin at my palms..
knowing it was just another black and white dream...
an im back to reality lookin at my skin with the light brown color scheme...