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Tears with every sob

I see your smile and with that the sun breaks through the clouds. Your eyes like water that cools the burn and soothes the pain within. Your laugh the sound that blocks the screams and the fighting from the night befor. And all is well with just one person. No matter the night before. ----Wow today as been LONG. I had a shiz load of homework (still do). My parents went to the mall and on the way home they're gonna get my AFI tickets *excitment*. Anyhoo....Well..tomorrow is japan night COME IF YOU CAN. I'm going to be helping out. So Well i have been posting every day and will continue until next fri. I'll be gone on a week long cruise. But ill be back the saturday after that. And i'll make sure to tell you all about it and post pictures :) ----Today after school Ryan, Sarah, Cyncyrie, John, Scott, and i walked home....After "talking loudly" the whole way home Scott and John retreated off to their houses. While Sarah, Cync, Ryan, and I went to cyncyries. We just kinda hung out for awhile. Cync and me tackled each other a couple times. Ryan scared the bageezes out of me like 5 times *whimper* At one point we didnt know if me or Sarah screamed. Sarah complained about me hurting her bum and i just laughed. After about five minutes of turning away from Cyncyrie's little brother who seemed to find it amusing to demonstrate a weggy, we started watching the bourne identity. Of course right as it started *ding dong* my mom arrived and i had to go home....So here i sit....and here i walk away because my parental units want to stick me in the oven to bake for about 12 minutes so i come out a nice golden brown. P.S This sites a tweaker and wont puts cync's Website up so here it is! Cync- ----When you find someone who is JUST like you. You absolutly cant stand them at all. Just think about it. They would ALWAYS know what you were thinking how you felt. What an invasion of not saying i dont like people with things in common with me. but someone EXACTLY like me..come one?....i would feel violated..intruded fun..

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