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Welcome to the Families Forever newsletter


(June edition)





Welcome to another month of our Families Forever newsletter.

Remember to send us your submissions at Newsletter@FF

Articles, memorials, birthdays, poems, featured web sites are WANTED!!!!

If it is about you , we care!


I can't believe it has been over 6 months since our last newsletter. Yes, time flies and we all get caught up in our everyday lives. I feel important to remind each other that if we need a friend, we are here. And at the same time, remember that you are valuable to other mums so be a friend to them.



We will be having our scheduled chat on the 25th of November at 7.30 pm QLD time.

Members from other countries are more than welcome to organize and set up chats at more convenient times!

hope to see you there!!



Thanks to all those that participated and sent me testimonies and stories. Our Book has been received by an agent and has started the long journey to being published. I haven't forgotten all those who participated and were promised a copy.

I am now wanting to write a "sequel" to the first book and am looking for parents who went on to have a (or more) subsequent pregnancy. Mothers and fathers willing to participate in such a project can contact me.

 For further info email Families Forever

 Welcome To Phoenix John Azri!

Phoenix arrived safely into this world on the 2nd of April 2004 at home delivered by his mother. Phoenix is a little brother to my little Talina.



Once again, thanks to you all and hope you will all have a wonderful month. Remember to use the discussion board and chat room as much as you would like.  The links can be found in the welcome page and a click on the link will take you there.

If you are not and would like to receive this monthly newsletter straight into your inbox

Let me know


Take good care, stephanie 


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