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My major is Physical Education and my minor is Business Administration.  I would like to finish college at Henderson State University, and go on a pursue some type of teaching position.  I would like to get a little experience in with teaching and then go on to owning my own business.  I want to open a Gymnastic Center up some where around this area, or maybe take over one around you never know.  I teach at the Arkadelphia Gymnastics Center right now one day a week, and I work with preschoolers, and I also teach a private cheerleading lesson.  My S.A.G.A. team at Hope consist of seven girls in the Level 4 group.  I will soon be teach a lot more girls, but right now I am getting these girls prepared to compete.

To become prepared to receive you state certification you must do all come all of the requirements below:

Preparation for State Certification:
Teaching Physical Education K-12
Coaching Certification/Endorsement 7-12 for all Sports
National Athletic Trainers
Driverís Education Certification
Water Safety Instruction
SCUBA Certification
Emergency Medical Training (EMT) Basic


If you would like to check out Henderson's program for Physical Education just go to this website:  You also can check out my hobbies web page at:  file:///A:/tabshobbypage.htm.