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"Rolling The Dice "

My teardrops fall like rain from my eyes, As I quietly cry. You said we are through and you have found someone new. My heart aches as it breaks. The words from the one who was my only love. The one who lavished me with promises.  Empty promises for so many years. And yet I hold you dear to my heart and I cry silent tears. Please don’t do this. Don't walk out that door... I now read between the lines and realize.. You choose to pay the price.. When you choose to roll the dice.... Can't hang on to the good, When the good is gone. I go to my lonely room.. And tell my secrets to the wall..I would give anything.. I would sacrifice it all.. Don't leave me in misery.. Are you so blind that you can't see ..You will always love Me... I will forever be on your mind and in your Heart, Even when we are apart. Don’t tell me what you have to say.. And then turn and walk away. Baby.... You say you don’t love me anymore… Take a good look before you walk out that door… And Remember, when you're lonely and alone.. It's too late now, you should have known.. Now my Heart is as cold as ice..
Go ahead ..Take your chance..
Roll The Dice !

December 10, 1998
© Copyright 1998
Alll Rights Reserved

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