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Tears...One Drop At A Time

Why did you decide to break this Heart of mine
Tell me darling .. what was on your mind?
I ache and hunger for your touch. ..
Oh,, God.... how it hurts to love you this much

How could you leave and break my Heart?
Our love was a priceless work of art
I hide my tears and a Heart so blue
Nobody to tell my troubles to

You are no longer home.. and I am alone
I have nowhere to that you are gone
The rose colored glasses, out of which now I can see
The fool in the mirror staring back at me.

Please forgive me if I fail to understand
How the foundation of our love crumbles like sand
 I dare not show my weakness for the shame
I am  a broken  spirit ..consumed with pain

The tears I'm crying,.. while inside I'm dying..
I am on my knees crawling.. and your name I'm calling..
I keep looking for you.. but it's you I donít find..
And the tears keep falling... one drop at a time..

Copyright © 1999
All Rights Reserved

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