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So soft and gentle the misty breeze ,
as it whispers...
 feel me....
I am here.

Fragrance of the crisp cold air...
inhaled deep into my lungs.
as I breathe your memory...

Sounds of the waves
crashing upon the rocks....
surround me,
yet only silence falls upon my ears,
my eyes drift over the ocean....
into eternity.

The realms of solitude
the unspoken peace and grace,
I search for you without a trace...
my mind races
as I feel your spirit within me.

I reach for you with trembling hands
you are so close ..
yet I cannot touch you..
for you are so far away..
My angel....
my love....
 My Desiree.

© 2000
All Rights Reserved

If there is a copyright to the lighthouse picture..please email me
so I may give credit or remove it.
Thank you most kindly..Lady G

Close Your Eyes...sit back and listen to the sounds
of the ocean waves...

"Ocean Lullaby"

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