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Welcome to the Swirl! This is a site dedicated to poetry & translation. Here you will find some of my poems written in Turkish & English, as well as a wide selection of world poetry, from Blake and Rilke to Rumi and Lorca.

I have also included verse in the haiku form. The word haiku is made up of Japanese symbols connoting naturalness and emptiness.

In the Swirl you will also find links to various poetry sites. I have taken pains to select the best pages.

The site is organised into 5 main sections: "My Poems", "My Selection", "Haiku", "Turkish Poetry" and "Links". I have added another section called the Peninsula. Please refer to the Site Guide for quick navigation. All the sections are accessible from the home page.

Finally, the site is updated regularly with new poems, translations, links and news.

hakan ç.