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The Gravitational Carnation


Do you know you live in me bit by bit

Yet there is such a thing as being lovely with you,

For instance we drink raki and it is

As if a carnation is engulfing us.

Beside us a tree works with precision

Mind and belly lose sense and sway.


You are bent on that carnation, I take it

And give it to you. You then pass it on

To someone else. And a greater beauty is reached.

Do you know, that someone else forwards it again

And so the carnation quickens from hand to hand.


As you can see we augment this love,

With warmth I dwell upon you, but that is not it,

Look how like seven colours into white translated

Each into each silently we cast our unison.


Edip Cansever

translated into English by Feyyaz Kayacan