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May Jana Jogee Day Naal
                                                                                      I'm Going Together With Jogee
(verses by Baba Bulleh Shah)                                        translation: by Fazeel Azeez Chauhan
(qawali sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)                          (The mystical love story of Heer and Ranjha)

1) Makkay gaya-n gal mukdee nahee-n                                     Going to Makkah is not the ultimate
2) Pawai-n sow sow jummay parrh a-ee-ay                               Even if hundreds of prayers are offered
3) Ganga gaya-n gal mukdee nahee-n                                        Going to River Ganges is not the ultimate
4) Pawai-n sow sow gotay kha-ee-ay                                        Even if hundreds of cleansings (Baptisms) are done

5) Gaya gaya-n gal mukdee nahee-n                                        Going to Gaya is not the ultimate
6) Pawai-n sow sow pand parrha-ee-ay                                  Even if hundreds of worships are done
7) Bulleh Shah gal ta-ee-yo-n mukdee                                     Bulleh Shah the ultimate is
8) Jado-n May nu dillo-n gawa-ee-ay                                      When the "I" is removed from the heart

9) Parrh parrh aalam faazal hoya                                              [He] Read a lot and became a scholar
10) Kadee apnay aap nu parrhaya ee naee-n                            But [he] never read himself
11) Ja ja warrda mandir maseetee                                            [He] goes enters into the temple & mosque
12) Kadee man apnay which warrya ee naee-n                        But [he] never entered into his own heart

13) Aiway-n roze shaytaan naal larrda-n                                   He fights with the devil every day for nothing
14) Kadee nafs apnay naal larrya-ee naee-n                              He never wrestled with his own ego
15) Bulleh Shah aasmani ud-deeya-n pharrda                            Bulleh Shah he grabs for heavenly flying things
16) Jayrra ghar baitha o-nu pharrya ee naee-n                           But doesn't grasp the one who's sitting at home

17) Ra-tee jagay-n tay shaikh sada way-n                                Religious scholars stay awake at night
18) Parr raat nu jaagan kutay, tay to utay                                  But dogs stay awake at night, higher than you
19) Ra-tee bhonko-n bass na karday                                        They don't cease from barking at night
20) Fayr ja larra-n which sutay, tay to utay                                Then they go sleep in yards, higher than you

21) Yaar da buha mool na chhad-day                                        They [dogs] don't leave the beloved's doorstep
22) Paway-n maro sow sow jutay, tay to utay                            Even if they're beaten hundreds of times, higher than you
23) Bulleh Shah utth yaar mana lay                                             Bulleh Shah get up and make up with the beloved
24) Na-een tay bazi lay ga-ay kutay, tay to utay                         Otherwise dogs will win the contest, better than you

25) Raanjha chaak na aakho kurryo                                        O friends, don't call Ranjha a shepherd
26) Nee ay-nu chaak kehndee sharma-wa-n                            I shy away from calling him a shepherd
27) May ja-ee aa-n lakh heeraa-n iss nu                                   I am like a thousand heers to him
28) Tay may kiss gintee which aa-wa-n                                   Who am I, like countless others

29) Takht hazaray da eh malik                                                He's the ruler of Hazara's throne
30) Tay may Heer sayal sada wa-n                                         And I am forever the plain Heer
31) Bulleh Shah Rub kook sunay                                            Bulleh Shah may God hear my wail
32) Tay may chaak dee chaak ho ja-wa-n                              And I'll become shepherded by the Shepherd

33) Raanjha jogee aa ban aya                                                   Ranjha became a Jogee and arrived
34) Ay-nay anokha bhayce wataya                                            He exchanged into a unique disguise
35) Ahdo-n Ahmad naam dharaya                     He changed his name from Ahad (One God) to Ahmad (Prophet Mohammad)
36) Nee may jana Jogee day naal                       I'm going together with Jogee

37) Koi kissay day naal koi kissay day naal                                Someone's with someone else, this one's with that one,
38) May jogee day naal naal                                                      I'm together with Jogee
39) Jido-n dee may jogee dee ho-yee                                        Since I have become Jogee's
40) May which may na reh ga-yee koi                                        I have no "I" left in me

41) Ranjha Ranjha kardee                                                        Repeating Ranjha Ranjha
42) Nee may aapay Ranjha ho-ee                                             I became Ranjha myself
43) Sadyo nee maynu Peedo Ranjha                                        Call me Ranjha
44) Heer na aakho Koi                                                            Nobody call me Heer

45) May nahee-n woh aap hay                                                It's not me, it's he himself
46) Apnee aap karay dil jo-ee                                                 He amuses his own self
47) Jiss day naal may neu-n lagaya                                          The one with whom I connected my heart
48) Ohday wargee ho-yee sayyo-n                                          I became just like him, O friends

49) Jogee mayray naal naal                                                    Jogee is with me
50) May jogee day naal naal                                                   I am with Jogee
51) Nee may jana jogee day naal                                            I'm going together with Jogee
52) Kannee mundara-n pa kay                                                After putting earrings in my ears
53) Mathay tilk laga kay                                                         and decorating my forehead with Tilk

54) Nee aye jogee naee-n                                                     Hey he's not [a] Jogee
55) Koi roop hay rub da                                                        He's some form of God
56) Bhayce jogee da iss nu phabda                                        He's disguised as Jogee
57) Iss jogee mayra joorra khassya                                        This Jogee has attracted me

58) Aye jogee mayray munn which wasya                              This Jogee has established residence in my heart
59) Such aakha-n aye qasmay Quran-ay                                I swear by the Quran it's true
60) Jogee mayra deen eeman-ay                                            Jogee is my belief and faith
61) Iss jogee maynu keeta rogee                                            This Jogee has marked me

62) Nee may iss jogee                                                            Hey I belong to him
63) Hun hore na jogee                                                            Now I'm not worth any one else (Now there's no other Jogee)

64) Tarr gayee way may tarr gayee loko                                I'm floating, I've drifted across, O people
65) Akh jogee nal larrgayee loko                                           My eyes intermeshed with Jogee's, O people
66) Maynu jogan jogee dee aakho                                         Call me Jogee's female Jogee
67) Heer salaytee mar gayee loko                                          Heer is dead, O people

68) Khayrray karday koorriya-n galla-n                                ?
69) Jogee day mayrrhay may cir tay jhalla-n                          ?
70) Hore kissay nu kuj na jana-n                                           I don't know anything about anyone else
71) Jana-n tay jogee nu jana-n                                              If I know anything, I only know Jogee

72) Iss da paya kissay na paya                                             No one has attained what he has attained
73) Iss da hay do jug uttay saya                                            His shadow is on both worlds
74) Iss diya-n dhumma-n do jug dhummiya-n                        His fame is celebrated in both world
75) Iss diya-n juttia-n arsh nay chummia-n                            His shoes were kissed by Heaven

76) Aye jogee jogee mat wala                                              This Jogee is full of wonders
77) Hath which Illallah dee mala                                            In his hand is the rosary of "There is Nothing But One God"
78) Nee naam hay iss da kamlee wala                                   Hey, his name is [Mohammed] "The One With The Shawl"
79) Jay jogee ghar a-way mayray                                          If Jogee comes to my home

80) Muk jawun sub jhagray tayray                                        All your fights will end
81) Nee may lava-n seenay naal                                            I will embrace him
82) Lakha-n shagan mana kay                                               And celebrate a million praises

83) Bulleh Shah ik jogee aya                                                 Bulleh Shah a Jogee came
84) Dar saday aynay dhua-n paya                                         To our door....(... ?... )
85) Aynay lut la-yee Heer sayal                                             He stole away Heer of Sayal
86) Aya bhayce wata kay                                                      He came in a disguise