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Dear Kevin
Written For Kevin

To have you seen
That you mean
Something to me
To know
That whenever you go
I will be there

I Know
That we have
Our many fights
And misunderstandings
But we seem to somehow,
Make it right

To have you see
That I know
That you are trying
To be the best that
You can be

I know we
Seem to have our
Troubles and try our
Very best to get along

But I know
We can be there
To help each other
To be strong

Just so you know
You are my brother
And to know that
Whatever you do
I Love You

To have you see
That it doesn't matter
What anybody else has
To say
I will stand up for you
Each and everyday

To have you see me
That you mean so
Much to me
And to have you know
That you are not alone

To have you see
That I'm here for you
And to know this is true

I Love You

©maureen maguire