01] she hurts: all the time

02] she loves: her family, friends, and love itself

03] she hates: heartbreak

04] she cries: everyday

05] she fears: dying alone

06] she hopes: to have a family one day

07] she saddens: at other people's pain

08] she feels alone: everyday

09] she kills: her self-esteem

10] she talks: not often enough, and is rarely listened to

11] she listens: to the silence and the tone, not the words themselves

12] she breaks: herself more than anything else

13] she sees: her life as if she's already lived it...a boring movie

14] she smells: her stink from failure

15] she tastes: plastic from her retainer

16] she works: without reason or hope

17] she remembers: him, who shall remain nameless

18] she holds: onto him

19] she hides: how much she loves him

20] she prays: before she eats. when she hurts.

21] she walks: away from conflict

22] she drives: to be happy. but it fails.

23] she reads: anything she can

24] she burns: to be good at something

25] she breathes: music. I also sleep, eat, and drink it.

26] she plays: with other's heads

27] she misses: him most of all

28] she touches: no one, reaches no one

29] she learns: from her mistakes

30] she feels: lost, alone, worthless

31] she knows: that she knows nothing at all

32] she said: "Day dreams are for the day. When life is hard and it hurts to breathe."

33] she dreams: that she'll be something one day

34] she has: enough sorrow to last a lifetime, and no reason to be so sad

35] she wants: to be happy

36] she falls: gets up, and falls again. sometimes she just falls.

37] she waits: to live, to really live

38] she needs: love. family. friends. love.

39] she lives: to sing

40] she wishes: she were happy with what she had. what she is. what she can/can't do.