March 13, 2003:

okay, we're undergoing some construction, things aren't going to work. don't be surprised. By this weekend I should have a new layout. A new version completely. Fanfiction will be added, I'm psyched. yay! Anywho, Try back on Sat.

October 5, 2002:

i finally got some pics up (in pot luck, images, pics...) yeah. there's not that many. i'm going to add some of my disney trip one day. and i'm going to work more on that tutorial one day. i'm just so lazy. and busy. and my computer isn't being nice to me today. so i'm not going to be working on this site this week-end. i.e. keeps closing down and it's pissing me off. sorry. -sigh-
okay, it's about an hour later. and i changed the layout. i lied. i worked on it. just not what i was sposed to work on. i'm sorry. -sigh- again.

September 24, 2002:

i added a 'people i want to slap' page. and i added a 'things i wish i were' page (on the 'me' page) and i worked on the tutorial slightly. it's slowly being put up. i know it's taking me forever but school is in. and i developed a slight life. so i'm going to work on this site whenever i can. i think i'm really going to post some stories on this site. really this time. ;) all right, that's it for now. come back again one day and check to see if i've added anything else.

September 05, 2002:

i'm going to work on the tutorials page on day. and i'm adding a lot of different pages that should be interesting. just some stuff about me. and maybe some about you. even if i don't know you. so what. doesn't mean i can't make it up. and i'm debating weather or not to do a 'dreams' page. where i post my dreams. and maybe have an open forum for others to post their dreams...i don't know. check back in a week or so...maybe not even that long. -crosses fingers-

August 28,2002:

I'm working on a completely different style. it might take a while with school and all but i am working on it. well...i lie, it's not completely different. it's just a new graphic for the same type of layout. but oh, well. i like my layout. so hah.

July 27,2002:

I added a songs section. More to come, I just have to finish some more. I usually just write choruses and never finish the song...oh well. And I'm going to add images. I put the link in pot-luck but i doesn't link to anything yet. It's going to be pics of me and friends. And it's going to be icons that I've made (inspired by julie! ^-^). One day I think I'm going to have some pre-made lay-out that will be usable, but I'll have to get good first. Well, I'm off.

June 21,2002:

I added a survey section. It's in writing. And then I'm going to put some of my stories up there, one day...But I have to write more fist. More originals, all of them are too old and too bad to post on this page. I'm going to start to advertise soon, I think I'm ready...hmmm. still haven't changed the guestbook...darn.

June 17,2002:

I changed the layout completely. I think this is the best that I'v ever done. I added a friends section and a shout-out section, it's in pot luck. Go check it out. And next I'll be fixing the guestbook, I promise!

June 15,2002 (technically):

Next up, the guestbook, though I'm going to hate messing with html gears crap. But first, I'm adding more poetry. RIGHT NOW, as I type this. I PROMISE! :-D I'll add some of my songs tomorrow. And then I'll work on my guestbook. Maybe add some stories I wrote. But I won't get ahead of myself.

June 13, 2002:

Okay, I'm changing everything again. The last time I did it it was all still pink and flowery. It makes my stomach hurt. I'm trying to make the page better, more than likely I'll add more poetry. Then I might put some songs that I've wrote up here, and maybe add links to other web sites much better than mine. But I'm not making any promises.

April 25, 2002:

I'm changing the layout a bit. I woke up one morning and realized that I didn't even like the color pink and found myself very dis-satisfied. So this is what I'm doing. Just changing the backgrounds,they're flowers now, so it's not much better. But the 'me' page has a picture of me as the background...yeah, exciting. After that I prolly won't work much on this site, I'm trying to get something else to my satisfaction first. I've never been the type to just do one thing.

April 9, 2002:

I'm working on this quiz right now and I'm in the process of finishing my favorite quotes page, I have done a great deal of it though. As far as everything'll get to day. I promise! Soon I'll add some new poems and maybe some songs I wrote and a few weird quotes of my own. But for now I'm concentrating on getting this quiz to work correctly. Hey, I am new at html's so hush!
April 6, 2002

This page was just started yesterday. I still have to fix a few links. In the mean time I'm adding a qoutes page, thinking of adding some of my fan-fiction (ones that are good enough), some short stories, and possibly some quizzes. I still have to get the pics page up, first I have to figure out thumbnails though. Don't laugh, I'm new to this html least the guestbook works. Speaking of, I'm going to change it around some too. At least get it to match, the second I have the spare time. And then I don't know what I'll, I prolly do and just can't remember it at the moment. Well, come back in about a week and see if I were true to my word!