I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less. I try to do my best at the things that really count. I dream more than I live. I cry more than I smile. I want to write, but the words never seem to make sense. I want to dance, but rhythem ran away from me. I want to sing, but harmony divorced me. I want to be an actress, but drama queen just doesn't cut it. I need conseling, but I just don't care that much. I lack tons friends and the social grace to keep them. I tend to care more about others than I do of me. I'm way too trusting. Too easily heartbroken. Too unrealistic. And increadibly gullible, innocent, and naive. Someone help me. Now, aren't you so glad I told you all the things you never knew you didn't want to know?

fav. color: red
fav. #: 3 (though it should be 2...)
fav. type of music: R&B, though I listen to it all
fav. book: "Chasing Redbird" by Sharon Creech. I've absolutely no idea why, I just love that book!
fav. movie: Gone With the Wind...Scarlett O'Hara is my hero!
height: I swear the doctor said I'd reached 5 feet! (they were prolly tryin to make me feel better)
hair color: brown
eye color: brown