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(3-22-03; 11:43pm)
I'm finally redoing the way my site looks, just cause the sand was starting to get on my nerves. Making websites is fun. Woohoo! :o) I dont know what i'm doing, just trying to fill up some space so that i can see what it looks like with actual schtuff in it. the table i mean. yeah. and there's something wrong with my stupid coding, so now my lines are really fat! (sob) they should go on a died, tsk tsk tsk. i think this is enough. hehehe, coffee is good, coffee is good, drugs are bad, but coffee is good. this will be my coffee layout. go caffiene! weeeee! so, i think my navigational story thing is kind of cool, even thouogh its not really creative, since i think someone else has done it once or twice. -_- dang it. hehe. and yeah, so poetry section, about me section, pictures section, stories section, random section,... thats all i kin think of right now. sounds pretty decent. i wonder if i'll ever finish any of this schtuff? hmmm, oh the wonders of life. hehe. the poetry section is the only one that actually works.. not that theres any actual poetry put in there yet, but still. man, why are my links bouncing around when i click on it? o_0. grr gotta fix that soon.

pour the coffee, please.

navigational storyline:

just follow the road down to your place of stories, or take a left at the nearest treehouse to rest your worries, i've gone down those hundred steps a million times, but the tranquilty stops at the poetic stop sign, so pack your bags and run along to hear my tale or maybe at least pause for a moment, a rainstorm might be headed your way. because of those arts in the sky i've lost my mind, but if you'd like to contact anything, the payphone's right around the corner.