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about this site and its author


I started writing for publication when I was fourteen, and thanks to that, I've been able to know the feeling of a byline, do interviews with amazing people, earn a little money doing something I love, and experience some really odd things. That's all great, but my writing was always more journalistic, more editorial than anything else -- at least the writing that I tried to publish. As for poetry and the literary work, that's really only something new.


I was always positive that poetry writing was not my thing, but I picked it up in my high school study hall my senior year, probably just because I was sick of hearing the guys next to me rave about their weekend success with the girls. Ever since then, I've been trying to figure this poetry thing out, because I've decided it can be a hell of a lot more challenging than interviewing someone and regurgitating facts for an article. And when you do it right (or at least think when you do it right), it can be very rewarding.


That said, I created this site as something personal, something to keep me focused on my creative writing -- I have been known to drop poetry altogether if someone or something does not serve as a checkpoint. The only reason I made all this public rather than shoving it in a journal elsewhere is because I thought other people might be interested in it or benefit from it somehow. But God forbid if it all boils down to the cliches of writing about writing. I will try my best to avoid that pitfall.


I think that overall, most artists want a sense of community. And if they don't admit that they want it, it's usually obvious that they need it or inadvertently use it. Maintaining a site like this will, I hope, create a sense of an outlet and a sense of community. I'm beginning to think that I have not done enough outreach with my work beyond the poetry classes I've taken. Think of it this way: bands don't write songs to play for themselves, and they don't figure what songs are successful by only sitting with their fellow band members. On with the show.


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