Last night we put the tree up.
Giggles and excitement all about.
Carefully placing ornaments with care.
My children's faces shining with joy
You could feel the spirit of the season
in the air

I didn't think of you

Later while the little ones slumbered
All the gifts were wrapped.
Place gently and neatly in their places.
While little wee ones napped.
Tidied up and got ready for bed.
I said my prayers.
I felt at peace.
The thought of you to far to reach.

I drifted off to sleep.
I didn't dream of you.

Morning rush.
Off to school
Racing for the bus.

Dressing for work.
Such a pretty day.
Cold crisp air
Christmas coming soon

Running behind.
Traffic stuck it seems in time.
What is the problem?
I will be late.

Why are all these cars stuck in line?
Aggravation building, I deeply sigh.
Then something catches me from the
Corner of my eye.

Camoflauge, everywhere.
A convoy of tanks wearing
the paint of War.
The line was so long,
Stretching so far.

I sat and wondered,
How strange is this
But when it passed.
I was on my way.
You didn't cross my mind that day.

Weeks flew by.
Christmas came.
Kids so happy, toys and games.
Late that night
after all the fun.
I sat and pondered on
all we had done.
Such a good year Lord.
Thanks for it all.
Then I dosed a little and began to dream.

I saw you,
cold and alone.
In a land where enemies
called it their home.
Your trying to sleep
but it's so lonely and quiet
But it's your duty
That's why your there.
Defending all we had been
celebrating about.
All the things your doing without.

I saw you Dear soldier,
Miles and Miles away.
God opened my eyes
and showed me your

When I awoke
Such guilt I wore

I couldn't believe
the blessings taken for granted
just the day before.

While we played and sang
and laughed all day long.

You were so far away
Defending our Home.

I reach up into the closet
Way in the back
I reach for the flag.
I for some reason packed.
I held it close.
Wishing you safe.

As I raised the flag
to fly so high.
I look far
up into the sky.
I say a silent
prayer for you.
Please be safe.
But most of all

Dear Soldier:
Thank God
For you

So many days I didn't
spend one thought on you.
How could I dwell
upon someone
When, I didn't know his name?

But, nor did he know mine.
But, he kept me safe the same.

So as this Flag whips in the wind.
I just wanted to say.
Thank You Dear Soldier.
And Today
I did think of you

May God Keep You
My Friend.
Until this ugly war
Ends and you come
God Bless You
Merry Christmas

2002 SouLThinKing (All rights reserved) Nichole C. Hart

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