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To be called a sister means
You need a special Heart
One that loves unconditionally
My Sister more than fits the part
She is more than just my family
She hides my secrets,
She shares my pain
She floods my tears with laughter
She is like sunshine after the rain
We may not always agree
But she will love me just the same
Her dedication has no exception
Her compassion has no end
Her loyalty never stumbles
When she smiles the darkness crumbles
God created such a precious soul
He then swiflty broke His artists mold
We are sisters by blood
But we are best friends by heart
Our bond is sealed with love
Our friendship will never part
Memories earned in girlhood trials
Planning our future with loving smiles
Just knowing her is the greatest treasure
Calling her my sister is God's gift forever
My wish for her is happiness
My dream for her is love
I wanted to take this time to say
May God truly bless her every day
For such a gift God granted me
He blessed me with my dear Sister
and, A True Sister's Heart ..has she

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©SouLThinking Nichole C. Hart 2008