Bright shining sun, fall is in the air
Bustling people all in a hurry, oblivious
Not an ounce of trepidation or fear anywhere
In one second everything changed
Still hope lingered
Surely an accident
Surely a fluke
With that second crash
All was clear
One moment of weakness
In America's armor
Allowed EVIL to crash right in
Everyday since lives have been lost
Everyday since Hero's have stepped up to the plate
America's people became one ...force.
Regular people ...fought back.
Those Heroes give ALL every second since
Let us never forget that day
For we are still living the nightmare
America's Children watching the horror on screens everywhere that morning are today many years later
America's Military and are still fighting and dying against that same EVIL
They took it off of the TV screens everywhere
It's hidden from our eyes's talked about in secret
They say your troops are coming home, they don't mention
How many aren' many can't....
They sugar coat the truth
Because "out of sight is out of mind" right?
Well, tell that to the fallen..
Tell that to the families
Explain that to MY Heart as I say good bye to my Marine who is leaving to fight this war.He was only 11 on 9/11...and now..he will be fighting..for you.
How do I sleep at night?
Just tell that to ALL the Heroes in a far away land at this second fighting for YOU
One thing is true, America was attacked but America started fighting back and has every second since.
WE will not give up or back down ...
For that very reason we shouldn't hide the sacrifice of the Heroes that know.
9/11 isn't over
It's just been one long day

SouLThinking 2010 Nichole C. Hart

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