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Just One Kiss

Thinking back to that summer day
At my Best Friends house I came to play.
A school girls crush that's what they'd say
12 yrs old and oh so bold
He was so fine
My Best Friends Brother
Oh so cool and so much older
A simple kiss
I'd feel such Bliss
To only have known it would
Turn to this
If I say "no"
What will he do?
After all I tried
To be so cool
Now such hurting
Is this what came from the teasing and flirting?
This can't be what we've been talking about
In our whispers, giggles and
Notes passed out
All I feel now is guilt and pain
Where is the bliss I thought
I'd gain
Such fear inside
Such tears to hide
Please make this end
Oh let me wake
From this ugly dream I started today
Can't it stop
Please let me free
How could a kiss
Set a fire to burn so deep
Such shame
Such blame
More tears that flow
I turn my face so the evidence won't show
It's all my fault
I started this
But all I wanted was
Just One Kiss

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