Forever Home

The years have passed
our Love has grown
The times we shared
have paved a loving road.
Two souls began a journey
of faith.
One soul emerged whole
in every way.
Along the road trials
were fought.
The one thing certian
always our love was sought.
We kept our hearts open.
To always accept one another
Forgiveness and trust
we learned so much.
Teaching each other to hope
and dream.
A family was born so blessed it seems.
Our children have sealed our love
with a bond.
To them we are heros, to us their what keeps us
Our journey continues and we
are happily traveling
down this road mapped with love.
This family was Blessed From God Above.
They say let no man put assunder what He has
Our love is forever because in our hearts
it was Fate.
Take my hand my Love, my Life..
Your forever my Home and I am forever
Your Wife.
I love you

SouLThinKing 2004

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