My little sunshine

Our biggest surprise
wrapped in the smallest package
You came early on a summer day.
So eager to great this world
The Lord kept you safe and
you grew stronger each day.
You have changed so many lives.
With your joy and innocense.
Such a happy little wonder
so full of excitment and glee
So many people are in awe of you
It's such a mystery.
God sent you early
Only He knows why.
Your turning 1 now and
Mommy wants to cry
Time is passing oh so fast
I want to savor every moment
and make it last.
keep growing big and strong
But not too fast
I still need you
in my arms
My amazing little hero
So many memories to come.
I dream big for you
Reach for the heavens
Right where you came from
Happy 1rst birthday
your Journey has begun.
God is watching over you
So Many more to come!!

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