Bottled up

in my very own mind

the words are there

caught up

tied together

with ropes of pain

to let them go

such sweet release I'd gain

suffocating feelings

of constant reaching

flutters of thoughts

swiftly swept away

by mundane troubles

that stifle the music

of my soul

my dreams shut up behind

doors of the real world

the fire of my mind

turning to embers

barely burning

one small spark

struggling to survive



the music begins

softly tinkling

barely there

emotions first

then dreams take form

again I can feel

the sweet sensation

of sharing my soul

one word

one thought

then the pen

begins to flow

pouring out the

plethora of emotions

and dreams that harbor

in the core of my being

slowly forming into

the offspring of my heart

finally free again

to dream

to feel

to hear

my soul


2002-2008 SouLThinking (All rights reserved)

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