Strangers miles apart
mental lovers joined by heart
souls connected beyond belief
stumbling down a blind road
guided only by fate
neither understanding these complex feelings
nor comprehending this fiery passion
the only reality is
the connection grows with each passing day
wanting only to find their way to each other
through a storm of the unknown
for another moment of completeness
one more second of utter serenity
To remain there is closest to heaven
on earth either has known
how is a question neither can fathom
when is for both to wonder
all that is sure is
two hearts found one another
across and ocean of time and history
now they live in
wondrous feelings
of mystery
without answers to when, why, or how
it came about.
this is where they belong
wrapped together
In total

Nichole Cherrie Hart ~SouLThinking~
COPYRIGHT 2002-2008

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