My First Born - Brett Richard Masters

It's been so long yet it feels like yesterday when they laid you in my arms

How can it be that your a man when I still see my baby boy in your eyes?

How many Mom's can say they grew up with their child. I did. You taught me

more than anyone else. Love was just a word until I met you. You took my heart

right out of my chest. It's been in your hand ever since.

My soul aches with so many memories.

I pray so hard for your future.

I want so much for you to fulfill all of your dreams.

Reach for the stars.

Dare to hope.

Dont be afraid.

God is always on your side.

Today is one day out of so many that will be imprinted on your heart.

Please know that I am so proud to know you and watch you grow.

Where did the time go?

Just a second ago you were a little boy playing in the yard.

Now suddenly you are a young man walking right into your destiny.

Just know when you look over your shoulder I will still be there.

My love for you is unconditional, my dreams for you are bigger than you know, my faith in you

is never ending and I am so lucky that I am always and forever your Mom.

SouLThinking 2009

Brett Richard Masters

Leaves for Paris Island South Carolina 7/20/09

Future US Marine

**Update, LCpl Brett R. Masters became a US MARINE 10/16/09 Currently he is training for deployment to Afghanistan ..he should be there the first part of 2011** Please Pray for our Troops**