Today marks the beginning of possibilities.

A door has been opened leading into your future.

You arrived at this Island as a boy. Today you are leaving not only as a Man.

You are departing as a Marine

You once depended on many. Now, our Country depends on You.

You have struggled and prevailed.

You are beginning a journey on a road paved by America’s Hero’s

Some of those that came before you have given all.

Today this world will even ask for more.

This is more than a career.

This is a promise. This is a commitment. This is your life.

These fellow men that stand with you are your brothers.

You have gained a family of thousands.

All of you have made the same pact.

Your duties are clear.

To stand for all that is true and honest in this world.

To defend those who are unable.

To complete this task with Dignity, Pride and Honor.

Today is the day you proudly step into the shoes you were born to wear.


Semper Fi
Parris Island SC
October 16 2009

(Poem) SouLThinking © 2009