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America Kneels To Pray

September 11, 2001 - May 30, 2002

Today the last of the rubble
was lifted away
Our hearts are so heavy at
The price we had to pay
Ignorance and Fear sent evil
Crashing through our freedom
Causing harm
To our home
Forever we will mourn
Our loved ones who have left us
Here alone
As the steel and wood are carried away
Such scars forever are here to stay
May this unite our land once more
Let us pray for peace and safety
For the ones keeping harm from our doors
They say this was a wake up call to the
Land of the Free
May we never slumber again
This cost was to steep
When hate and fear
Find themselves so near
Let us stand strong
Let us right the wrongs
But most of all
Let America
For the scars are here to stay
To remind us of the day
Tragedy Brought
To Her Knees
To Pray

Nichole Hart 2002 ~SoulThinking~

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